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Westown Shoe Clinic & Repair

Nestled in the heart of Cherryhill Village Mall, Westown Shoe Clinic & Repair has been London’s premier repair shop for over 40 years. In that time, the shop has built a reputation for high quality repairs, modifications and adjustments to an extraordinary number of articles.

From rugged hiking boots to the most delicate stiletto, your shoes are brought back to life.

We regularly repair purses, backpacks, luggage, belts and horse harnesses. We have also repaired leather skirts and coats. Let's talk about some of the more unusual items our customers bring us, such as inflatable castles, airplane covers, trampoline tarps and bar-b-que covers. We've also made wraps for steering wheels and, well, items that made me blush. Hey, if it fits in the sewing machine or I can push a needle through it, we can do it!

When it comes to modifying riding boots or installing zippers in the back, no one in the city does more than Westown Shoe Clinic & Repair. Do you need orthopaedic modifications to your shoes? We can take care of all your needs, from rocker soles and build-ups to orthotics and beyond. Do you find it difficult to lace up your shoes? You don't have to suffer; we can convert them to velcro, making it as easy as zip zap to do up your shoes.

Shoe repair is in our blood; we love getting to the shop in the morning. We are thrilled to interact with people and help them with their needs. We love what we do and we are proud to stand behind our work. We look forward to your visit!

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